The smart way to enjoy sun<sup>®</sup>

The smart way to enjoy sun®

Why ?

The sun produces light, heat and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation can be divided into three groups, UVA, UVB, and UVC, according to the wavelength of the radiation. The intensity of solar radiation can be different, depending of day or location. You need a specific sensor to alert you, in order for you to avoid sunburn or other dangerous consequences of excessive exposure to UV.

One of the most serious effects of excessive exposure to repeated and unprotected ultraviolet radiation is the potential to develop a form of skin cancer as well as a series of degenerative modifications within skin’s cells, fibrous tissues and blood vessels.

How does  work?

SUN METER® is the only product on which UV radiation has a cumulative effect, loading gradually as the specially designed material is exposed to the sun.


Apply more sunscreen

Get dressed and avoid the sun completely

It is recommended that application of solar protection products should be made equally on the surface SUN METER®, as it was developed to act as your skin in this situation.

These sensors DO NOT protect against the sun and are designed to let you know that you must reduce sun exposure.

Two alternatives, ideal for any occasion

Children friendly

During a day spent with your family you would have all the possible comfort and safety. Your children are the ones that are most exposed to the risks of UV radiation, so we designed SUN METER® to be easy to wear and use.

The bracelet is fixed on the hand, not disturbing, and the patch can be applied anywhere on the skin or clothes, without the risk of accidentally detaching itself.

You don’t have to worry if SUN METER® is immersed in water, it has been developed to be worn everywhere.

Ready for fun

Wherever you go, alone or with your friends, SUN METER® is cool! It helps control your exposure to sunlight. Resistant to water, dust and any other obstacles you overcome in your adventures, SUN METER® is by your side and helps protect yourself.

The SUN METER® packages come with several bracelets and patches, so you can share them with a bunch of friends.

As active as you

Whether you love mountain biking or prefer to read a good book on the beach, SUN METER® is perfect to remind you that it is time to protect your skin from UV rays. Resistant bracelets and patches are the intelligent way to enjoy the sun, even applied on sports equipment.

Helps protect your skin

Uncontrolled exposure to the sun accelerates the aging of the skin, generates skin and cleavage staining, in the same time causing the skin to lose its elasticity, becoming drier and wrinkled.

Your hair may suffer, also, from an uncontrolled sun exposure, it may become drier, brittle and lose its brilliance. When SUN METER® turns into pink, cover your hair with a hat or scarf and apply the specific UV protection products.

Useful no matter the age

And the best part is that SUN METER® has no age limit. Anyone can use SUN METER® to determine when to protect against UV radiation.

As active as you are, SUN METER® helps to ensure that you are not exposed to a serious risk if you exceed the recommended daily dose of UV radiation.

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